Select Writings

Articles about St. Thomas More

Berry, Edward
"Thomas More and the Legal Imagination"
Studies in Philology (2009)

Cessario, Romanus
"Moral Theology on Earth: Learning from Two Thomases"
Studies in Christian Ethics (2006)

Foley, Michael
"A Saint on Trial: Analyzing the Condemnation of Sir Thomas More"

First Things (2008)


Halpin, David
"Utopianism and Education: The Legacy of Thomas More"
British Journal of Educational Studies (2001)

Hitchcock, James
"Thomas More and the Sensus Fidelium"
Theological Studies (2001)

Kessler, Sanford
"Religious Freedom in Thomas More's Utopia"
The Review of Politics

Stein, Joshua
"Sir/St. Thomas More on the US Constitution: 'More Perfect' is not Utopian"
Contemporary Justice Review (2006)

Trevor-Roper, Hugh
"The Intellectual World of Sir Thomas More"
The American Scholar

Wegemer, Gerald
"The City of God in Thomas More's Utopia"
Renascence (1992)

Wegemer, Gerald
"Integrity and Conscience in the Life and Thought of Thomas More"
Thomas More Institute (2006)

Wright, John Cardinal
"St. Thomas More: Patron of Lawyers and Model for Our Changing Times"
Moreana (1976)

Church Documents

Benedict XVI
"The Only Valid Bulwark Against Arbitrary Power"
International Congress on Natural Law (2007)

Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith
"The Participation of Catholics in Political Life"
Doctrinal Note (2002)

John Paul II

Jubilee of Government Leaders, Members of Parliament and Politicians
Homily (2000)

John Paul II

"Proclaiming St. Thomas More Patron of Statesmen and Politicians"



Lopez Trujillo, Cardinal Alfonso
"Eucharistic Coherence of Politicians and Legislators"
Synod of Bishops (2005)

Migliore, Celestino
"Underlying Any Law Is a Fundamental Value or Truth"
United Nations statement (2009)

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